We believe that every person who comes here is a special gift sent by God. We are eager to know you and excited to share the marvelous ways God is working in our church. Your prayers, your presence, and your talents are most welcome.
Welcome to Saint Bridget of Ireland Parish.

St. Bridget of Ireland
Mission Statement

We the Parish of Saint Bridget of Ireland, united in God’s family through our Catholic tradition, gather to bear witness to the teaching of Jesus Christ and share in His eternal mission. We come together for communal worship, education in faith, spiritual growth and fellowship. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, we reach out as Christ’s hands in the world to spread God’s love, healing and forgiveness. We are committed to our tradition of hospitality, unity and love. We invite all to use their time, talent and treasure to promote and preserve the Holy Catholic Church and our parish community.
Regular Mass Schedule
Monday - Friday:
Sat. Vigil Mass:
8:00am, 9:30am
& 11:45am
Sacrament of Reconciliation
3:00pm to 3:30pm
or by appointment

We invite and encourage you to become a active member of the special ministries at St. Bridget of Ireland Parish.

Please call for more information about any of the following volunteer opportunities or organizations:

Religious Education
Deborah Reda - (203) 357-8157

Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors,
Ushers, or Altar Servers
Please call the Parish Office - (203) 324-2910

Music Minstry
Boris Gerasimov - (203) 324-2910

Collection Counters
Priscilla Malloy - (203) 324-2910

Finance Council
Bill McManus - Financial Advisor (203) 358-8111
Rob Morton - Finance Council (203) 581-0911

Parish Council
Please call the parish office (203) 324-2910

Ladies Guild
Patricia Belknap - (203) 323-6806

St. Bridget Seniors
Stella Fox - (203) 348-4823

Parish Nurse Program
Margaret Kerrane
Christmas and New Years
Mass Schedule:
Wednesday, December 24:
Christmas Eve Family Mass 4:00 PM
Christmas Vigil Mass 10:00 PM
Thursday, December 25
Christmas Day Masses 9:30 AM & 11:45 AM
Solemnity of Mary,
the Holy Mother of God
& World Day of Prayer
for Peace
Holy Day of Obligation
December 31, 2014 -New Year’s Eve Mass 4:00 PM
January 1, 2015 - New Year’s Day Masses
9:30 AM & 11:45 AM

100% Pledge Drive - Last weekend we had our annual pledge drive for Saint Bridget’s 100% Fund. 133 families made pledges for 2105, thank you. Letters have been mailed out to those who may have not had the opportunity to pledge last week. Please respond as soon as possible.
This fund has been a long standing tradition in our parish and is intended to bridge the gap between your weekly offerings and our constantly increasing financial obligations.
Your pledge will enable us to plan for the year ahead and continue to met the needs of our people and facility. We are most grateful for your continuing support. We do all we can to keep costs down but but the harsh reality is that current operating costs exceed the donations we receive each week. The name says it all, we need 100% of our parishioners participating and suppporting the good works of our beloved parish.
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Our Church is on street level and easily accessible for the elderly or handicapped.

Listen to the Mass Readings for  December 21, the Fourth Sunday of Advent